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 Child Accident Prevention Jersey, or CAPJ, is a group working very hard in Jersey trying to keep children safe from having a serious unintentional injury. We strongly believe that children should not be wrapped up in cotton wool but need to have fun, explore and learn how to manage their own risk.

look animationCONFERENCE TIME! Following on from the fantastic Safety Matters Conference - click here for conference business card - front

 Look!  Pick up a our plastic business card! With useful phone  numbers on the back, it's free from Family Nursing & Home Care, Trading Standards (Central Market), Pathways or the Emergency Department.  Kindly sponsored by Jersey Electricity.

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Latest News
  • Cleaning products and DIY chemicals can be very dangerous if children drink them. To a toddler even the cleaner left at the side of the toilet can look interesting enough to dri... Read more

  • Young children often accidentally swallow things and most just pass through causing no problems. Difficulties can occur if more than one magnet is swallowed thoug... Read more

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer, you can not see or smell it.   Reading in the news that someone's died in a holiday home or on a campsite from suspe... Read more

  • Concerns have been raised about the increasing number of young children seen in Jersey's Emergency department recently because of burns caused by hair straighteners.  Hair ... Read more

  • If you or someone else in your family smokes or uses a nicotine replacement product, think twice about how they are stored and disposed of, they should be treated like any other... Read more

  •  More accidental injuries are caused through using a baby walker than any other type of baby equipment or furniture.  The average age for injury is just 8.7 months.Read more

  • Jersey's Road Safety Officer has said up to 90% of students he teaches cycle proficiency to have a poorly fitted cycle helmet.  A correctly fitted cycle helmet ta... Read more

  • Are you using a square plug adapter in your home? Did you know, they are strongly not recommended by the States of Jersey Fire & Rescue Service due to the increased risk of ... Read more

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