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‘Turn off technology for safety’ - Parents on their mobiles put children in danger.

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Thursday 16th June 2016

New research from the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) shows how mobiles are putting children at risk of serious accidents. 1 in 4 parents (24%) admit their child has had an accident or near miss when they’ve been engrossed in their mobile phone.


Laser Pointers and children’s eyes

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Tuesday 5th April 2016

Doctors are increasingly concerned that the number of sight-threatening injuries to children is rising, and they are very keen to raise awareness of the dangers of Laser pointers.


Faulty appliances cause 12,000 fires

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Friday 12th February 2016

Malfunctioning household appliances caused almost 12,000 fires in Britain in just over three years, research by consumer group Which? has found.


The risks of a child eating a cigarette

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Monday 8th February 2016

Think twice about how cigarettes or any tobacco product is stored and disposed of. They should be treated and stored like any other poison that can be eaten as nicotine is highly toxic. One cigarette butt can cause symptoms in an infant and a severe poisoning can be life threatening with a seizure starting in 20-30 minutes.


Child Accident Prevention Trust (UK) Focus on: Button Batteries

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Thursday 4th February 2016

Following the death of a two-year-old girl on Boxing Day, Child Accident Prevention Trust in the UK are scaling up their campaign on button batteries to raise awareness of the dangers these small items present.


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