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Cap Conference 2016

On 21st April 2016 Child Accident Prevention Jersey welcomed 54 delegates to St Pauls Centre for our biennial conference, “Acceptable Risk”.

There were 4 workshops facilitated by  Barnardo’s, NSPCC, JCCT & FNHC and PMNW . Delegates included students, parents, child care practitioners, policy makers and others.

It was a great day with some really interesting questions being asked regarding the risks we allow our children to take and how we feel about that. Delegates were asked to consider their own attitudes towards risk and how their attitude might impact on a child.
There was discussion surrounding internet safety including social media and gaming. There was also advice on some of the legalities involved in allowing children to take risks.

The feedback from the conference has been really positive and all of those who attended felt that they would recommend the event to a colleague and so we hope to see even more people at our conference in 2018.





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