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Did you know the main reason children hurt themselves is because of falls?

Falls hurt. We know you can't stop falling - it's part of growing up, learning, having fun and you would look daft doing that covered in bubble wrap!

Some falls mean you get a bruise, graze or cut. Others can lead to broken bones, bangs to your head or even worse. So, by trying to make things a bit safer in what you do or how you do it can make a big difference and still let you have a good time.

Falls hurt. We know you can't stop falling - it's part of growing up, learning, having fun and you would look daft doing that covered in bubble wrap!

Have fun, don't be a bubble wrap!

  • Do you have to wrap yourself in bubble wrap just to go into your room?
  • Is your room a total disaster zone?
  • Is your cat too frightened to come in, it's scared of the mess?
  • Do you have to use ropes to swing from your door to the bed?

Maybe you should start picking up your stuff. Not only will you get into your mums good books  (maybe rewarded with your body weight in chocolate!!) but your room will be a lot safer and you won't break your things or you if you trip and fall on them!

 Anti-falls top tips!

  • Pick up your stuff 'cos falling is rough.
  • Stairs ain't no place to play, go elsewhere - no delay.
  • Is what you're doing safe? - Alert! - or you could end up really hurt.

Do you think you know all the falls dangers around your home?  Click here for a word search to see! 

A bruise or bump is part of growing up and not something that you should be too worried about. Although Jersey's Accident Department sees about 200 under 5's a year because of an injury to their head.

Causes of falls depends on a child's age and different development level.

Babies with very limited movement usually fall when they are learning to sit and crawl. Looking at your house on your hands and knees can help identify areas that they may fall on to.  Moving furniture around and putting corner covers can help to reduce the injury when they fall.  

Babies also fall because of where they are put, which means this type of fall is preventable. 
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Toddlers start moving fast, without help.  They are able to get upstairs by themselves and love to explore and start to mimic adult behaviour.  Tripping and falling as they play is natural and part of growing up. 

There are risky hazards at home - the stairs and windows - simple safety equipment and forethought can help reduce serious injury.

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Under 11 year olds tend to fall during play.  Off exploring and pushing boundaries in places they may not be allowed to play, such as building sites, is a risk.  Pushing play equipment to its limit is not uncommon but is a risk.  Bouncing from a trampoline into a paddling pool may seem like fun but quite often results in serious injury.  

Looking at the risk, discussing it with your children and providing adult supervision helps reduce serious injury.

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